Exporting Goat Meat

With upto 25 acres under commercialized goat farming, Binuru Farm has been offering goat meat to clients in the Middle East, Europe and Far East
Goat Meat is exported under three categories: Fresh, Frozen or Chilled meats of goat
Binuru offers export and sale of the following products
  • Whole Carcasses of goat and lamb both frozen and chilled
  • Offal - tripe, liver

Binuru Export Requirements
Binuru will require the following documents from the client

  1. Company's Name and Primary Contact Person
  2. Weekly / Monthly projection of export in volumes
  3. Specification ie age , weight

Binuru will provide

  1. Certificate of Origin
  2. Veterinary certificate
  3. Halaal Certificate
  4. Proforma Invoice
These are some of the expenses you might incur
  • Goat Meat (per Kg)
  • Agency Fee
  • Air Flight (per Kg)
  • Air Way Bill (per Shipment)
  • Slaughtering Charges
Due to majority of our clients being from Islam Countries, our slaughterhouse is Halal Certified

After acceptance of quote, client will pay 50% upfront and the balance will be billed against proof of Shipping Documents